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Meet Dave Johnson

From a family of craftsmen...
I am a born and bred Minnesotan who loves living the outdoor northern lifestyle.†In the winter youíll find me snowshoeing and cross-country skiing and in the summer canoeing and hiking.

My wife Maureen and I live on my family homestead overlooking the scenic bluffs and valleys of southeastern Minnesota, located three miles from the Mississippi River. I am the fourth generation to live there, and I come from a family of independent craftsmen: loggers, farmers, and mechanics.

I held various jobs until I found my true calling in my late 20ís as a carpenter/cabinetmaker. Since then Iíve worked on everything from a birdhouse in the backyard to a mansion on a hill. My love of history sparked my interest and participation in historical re-enactments. I have since worked on and developed products influenced by historical designs.

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Dave Johnson,
Master Woodworker

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