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Colonial Desks

From Early Colonial America...
This desk has its roots in colonial America where a small simple desk held writing materials. This desk fits in well for Colonial to Civil War re-enactments or for everyday use at home.

The body of the desk has full dovetailed corners. The lid employs a double haunched mortise and tenon into the breadboard ends. Each desk also has an interior divider to separate writing utensils. The full-sized drawer slides out for extra storage. The wooden knob on the drawer latches the drawer securely when closed and turned 1/4 turn.

The Colonial Desk measures 16" wide, 6" high and 12" deep.

This desk is available in Pine or Walnut.

Colonial Desk showing breadboard ends in Pine

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Colonial Desk showing full-size drawer in Walnut

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Colonial Desk inside divider

Colonial Desk showing dovetailed corners

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